Real Estate Notes

Property Goes Hi Tech In Roswell

By Kirsten Ricci
Development is often the biggest news that affects us locally. It is the one subject that can divide or unify community members and whether it’s in Roswell, East Cobb, or Alpharetta, keeping up with what’s going up or being torn down is a difficult task. To make life easier, the City of Roswell has launched a new development projects map so citizens can keep up to date with the wide variety of projects in Roswell.
The Development Projects Map contains a wealth of easily accessible information regarding selected large-scale or prominent development projects. The location, status, and design of each project is displayed in an easy-to-use map interface.  Information about each project, the project applicant, application type, development process stages, and additional contact information is available through this map. Links to Planning and Zoning public meetings are included in the map for even more information. Simply click on or scroll to a project to access this information. The city doesn’t have a user friendly URL for this yet so we created one for you:  The map is updated weekly to provide the most current data to interested users, and demonstrates Roswell’s commitment to transparency and communication with its citizens.
Additionally, Roswell is utilizing technology for property owners via a new GIS Viewer. It can handle questions like: How is my property zoned? How far is my child’s school from my property? What are the elevation changes along the new jogging route that I am trying out? The GIS Viewer offers interactive options such as measuring distances between points, elevation changes along a route, and the ability to view property through several types of map layers. The GIS Viewer also includes quick access to the most commonly requested data, including Unified Development Code (UDC) Zoning, Parcel/Property Lines & Ownership, City Limits, and Historic District boundaries. To use the new GIS Viewer, visit
There is also news for you folks who live near the Roswell/Alpharetta border in what is commonly referred to as the Crabapple Community. Recently, the Milton Planning Commission approved the Crabapple Placemaking Plan, which is a proposed vision for the future development of downtown Crabapple. Most of this development is proposed within the northwest and northeast sections of the intersection of Crabapple Road, Birmingham Highway, Mayfield Road, and Broadwell Road. Depending on market demand, the plan calls for 103,550 square feet of mixed-use, 72,000 square feet of office space and 25,200 square feet of retail space.
This area has been growing for years and it seems leaders and community members are working to bring good development to the area.
In general news the area housing market has mirrored our unseasonably  warm weather meaning the “spring” market is here. There is good inventory and buyers are out in full force due to expected interest rate increases. I’ll have a more robust look at the first quarter activity next month.

Kirsten Ricci is a Roswell resident and a Berkshire Hathaway Agent who specializes in residential real estate in the north metro Atlanta area. She can be reached at 678-472-3832,