Roswell Arts Fund Announces “Bucket Brigade”

Sculpture by Peter Reiquam Installed at Fire Station No. 4, Old Alabama Road

Opening Ceremonies and Ribbon Cutting April  27, 2017, 8:15 PM

The Roswell Arts Fund recently announced the installation of “Bucket Brigade,” a sculpture by Peter Reiquam, which will reside at Fire Station No. 4, on Old Alabama Road. Opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting will be on April 27, 2017, 8:15 PM, in the evening to allow “Bucket Brigade” to illuminate the event.

The new sculpture will welcome staff and visitors with a work of art that salutes and affirms the rich history of firefighters. The sculpture is based on the familiar, old-time method of fighting fires with a line of people passing water-filled buckets, one hand to the next.  “Bucket Brigade” illustrates this same tradition by using a series of buckets as individual frames in a sort of stop-motion animation, like pages of a flipbook.  A simulated splash molded from thermoplastic material will appear to spill from the first bucket in the line and a large volume of polymer water, illuminated by LED lights, will appear to be thrown from the largest bucket at the end of the line.

“Bucket Brigade” embodies a milestone for the City of Roswell. It was the outcome of the first official Public Art process in our city.  The Art Selection Panel, for the project, was comprised of  key stakeholders in Roswell, including Deputy Fire Chief Tony Papoutsis.  The deputy chief provided a voice for the firefighting professionals, who will actually “live” with the selected work of art, eloquently sharing his impressions of “Bucket Brigade” and what it would mean to him and his colleagues.

As summed up by the sculpture’s creator, Peter Reiquam, “Bucket Brigade describes, on a grand scale, the act of passing a bucket of water, hand to hand, neighbor to neighbor, and throwing it onto a raging fire.”  The sculpture represents an iconic symbol of how people once worked together, literally hand-and-hand, to resolve the sometimes dangerous challenges that confronted their community.  As such, the Art Selection Panel recommended “Bucket Brigade” as a meaningful contribution to the people of Roswell and the firefighters, who continue to keep that tradition alive.

Many of the people, who participated in the selection and installation of “Bucket Brigade,” were moved by the experience.  Said Anthony Turpin, a principal at Pieper, O’Brien & Herr Architects, in Alpharetta, “POH Architects is very honored to be involved on the City of Roswell’s inaugural project to integrate public art into a major, publicly-funded, building project. It has truly been a wonderfully collaborative process working with the City, Fire Department, Turner Construction and the artist, Peter Reiquam, to site this work of art in the most appropriate place. I, personally, cannot wait to see how the visiting kids react.”

Reflecting on her participation with the Art Selection Panel, Rochelle Mucha said, “It was a humbling experience.  The selection of “Bucket Brigade” is exactly what Public Art should do – tell a story; provoke learning and curiosity; brand a place or site; and serve as a source of pride for our residents.”

The Roswell Arts Fund is a local non-profit organization and the designated arts agency for the City of Roswell. The Roswell Arts Fund works with business and civic leaders to strengthen strategic investments in the arts. One mandate is to bring more public art to Roswell. Regardless of its type, public art tells a story, captures a human and social narrative to be shared with all and leaves each person to experience that narrative subjectively. Public Art, by definition, creates a museum without walls, and without tickets.

“Bucket Brigade” reminds us of the compelling need for shared missions and teamwork and collaboration. The Roswell Arts Fund encourages everyone to join them in wishing the occupants of Fire Station No. 4 congratulations and best of luck in their new home.

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