Delays on Canton Street June 19–23

Drivers on Canton Street in downtown Roswell can expect some disruption in the normal flow of traffic during the week of June 19–23, as the trees that line Canton Street and those in the Heart of Roswell Park (near Elizabeth Way) will receive some much-needed attention and pruning. This project is an initiative of The Historic Roswell Beautification Project, a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to creating, maintaining, and preserving the beauty and charm of Roswell’s streets and historic district.

During the week of June 19, Caldwell Tree Care will begin pruning and raising the canopies of the trees, which will require one lane of traffic to be closed. In addition, driveways may need to be blocked for very short periods of time, as workers move from tree to tree. The Roswell Department of Transportation (RDOT) will place signage at each end of Canton Street to alert the public of possible delays and will assist in traffic flow throughout the duration of the project.

This work is being scheduled to minimally impact businesses, their patrons, and citizens. Work will be scheduled for early morning, from 9 to 11am. At 11am, crews will move to the Heart of Roswell Park and work there until after the peak lunch traffic. They will then move back to Canton Street at 2pm and cease work at 4pm to accommodate evening commuters.

Caldwell Tree Care and RDOT will work to get this important project completed quickly, weather permitting, and with as little disruption as possible.