Second Time Is The Charm For Krespo

Words & Pictures by Frank Mack

When Chef Lino Krespo opened his kitchen, Krespo’s, on Alpharetta Highway two years ago it was instantly obvious that a top class chef with stupendous skills had come to Roswell. The food was out of sight fabulous, unique, and perfect. His Portuguese influence showed through and his style is distinct with a big flavor profile. A madman on a grill who scallops a potato that’ll make your Grandma holler “I give!”
When you go to Krespo’s you will get a real meal. From the opening of his old place the food was brilliant and eating a treat. The location, on the other hand, was about as bad as stacked brick can be. For anything close to fine dining it just couldn’t work. It was stuck between auto repair business and used car lots.

Even worse because he was right across from an elementary school wine was forbidden by zoning regulations. I don’t have to tell you, heck read our cover story this month, alcohol is huge to the bottom line of a restaurant. Ultimately he knew a move was in order, so last fall Krespo’s closed and I went into a depressed state because I felt we lost a treasure.

I am now reborn and extraordinarily pleased to announce that Krespo’s is back. A great chef, a sweet man, a serious food lover, has returned to us. Serious foodies or casual diners—this is a reason to make dinner plans. Chef Krespo works serious magic on seafood and pork. I take the freshest full-head-on fish he has every time. Its superior, unique, and purely Krespo, with everything his way in uncompromised fashion.

The kitchen is rockin’ in the little white and blue trimmed cottage off Canton Street (108 Magnolia Street ) and is a must try place. They are open evenings, with lunch on weekends. This is very well priced menu ($11-$30 entrees) when you compare it to other local restaurants and reservations are usually a good idea.

So I was driving around recently just looking for trouble and I spotted a little shack on Hwy. 9 in that DMZ area between Roswell and Alpharetta. Now this isn’t about food but this is a spot so good I just gotta tell you about Matilda’s Cottage. It is a funky little house that sells art, antiques, and crafty things. But it’s the backyard music venue that will blow you away.

You have no reason to know or suspect what goes on there because it’s just a small building with a little stage but big entertainment. On Saturdays in the back they have a music series called Under The Pines and well they’re literal here. In the back, yes under the pine trees, these guys throw an outdoor party with cool bands and an even cooler vibe. It’s $20, bring your own everything… food, drink, and chair. Then all you gotta do is sit back and let the good times come to you. It’s a great place for the whole family. For more see an article on page 14 of this issue and for a concert schedule visit them at

As long as I am on music Darwin’s Burgers and Blues is back, down in Sandy Springs at 234 Hilderbrand Drive. This will be the best-run dive bar around with fantastic burgers and the best blues OTP, period. If you are a blues lover then this is your place. Plus I love the owners, so please, for music sake support it!

It’s all local people and that’s why it deeply matters… all this and an eclipse is coming… what a summer!