Schools in North Fulton to receive training and emergency kits

Members from WellStar North Fulton Hospital’s trauma team have been busy teaching school nurses, police officers, educators and even Girl Scouts in the area a life-saving skill: how to stop bleeding before professional help arrives.

“It doesn’t matter how fast an ambulance gets there; a person who is bleeding can die from blood loss in five minutes or less,” explained Nathan Polite, D.O., a WellStar trauma surgeon. “If someone were to get shot in a major blood vessel, they could be saved if someone close put a tourniquet on.”

These training sessions are part of the Stop the Bleed campaign, a nationwide initiative that helps prepare bystanders to save lives in case of a bleeding emergency, like a shooting or explosion.
“The number one preventable cause of death in trauma is bleeding. And since it might take a while for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to reach an injured patient in the field, having trained citizens who are able to render immediate aid until help arrives will dramatically improve a that patient’s chances of survival,’ said Brent Amelingmeier, trauma outreach coordinator for WellStar North Fulton Hospital.

Amelingmeier, as well as other WellStar North Fulton team members, have trained more than 230 people since February, adding to the job done by other hospital workers and EMS agencies.

“As the trauma outreach coordinator, it’s my job to provide the people in our community with education that can help them prevent injury, or at least lessen the harm that’s done,” added Amelingmeier.

Most recently, Amelingmeier trained 24 Fulton County School District registered nurses and at the end of September he’ll be training the 110 Fulton County School District’s clinical assistants. He is also helping schools prepare for the arrival of “Stop the Bleed” kits, funded by a grant from the state.

WellStar North Fulton is one of three WellStar hospitals with designated Trauma Centers who are helping prepare the community to save lives. Trauma surgeons and team members from WellStar Atlanta Medical Center and WellStar Kennestone Hospital are leading similar efforts in Atlanta, Cobb County and surrounding areas.

WellStar North Fulton Hospital is home to a Level II Trauma Center. The center is staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians and nurses with a variety of emergency certifications. The 15,000 square-foot Emergency Department incorporates 28 patient rooms, including separate cardiac, trauma and orthopedic areas equipped with technology to handle situations from minor emergencies to life-threatening traumas.

“Anyone in the community can request training, although at this time, we don’t have the resources to conduct trainings on an individual basis. We’re currently focusing on schools, but I’ve also personally trained other healthcare professionals, police officers and emergency responders,” explained Amelingmeier.

“These threats to communities are happening more frequently,” Dr. Polite said. “Now is the time to prepare.”


PICTURED: Brent Amelingmeier training Fulton County School nurses on bleeding control at the Fulton County School Administrative Headquarters in Atlanta.