Current Hub Web Roundup 10/12

The Current Hub web roundup is our daily look at a wide range of topics from around the web. It is compiled by Editor Tripp Liles and staff, who by the way, could beat Trinidad in soccer.

These fires in California are insane. The image above was taken from space. Don’t forget California is a huge agricultural state and the fires are wreaking havoc in wine country.

We’re doing amazing things in healthcare these days. Cancer commits suicide…why didn’t I think of that? Now we just need to figure out who pays for all of this.

LSU fraternity members charged in the tragic death of a Roswell teen at LSU.

One town in New York looks to punish parents of bullies.

Having worked in LA for most of the 90’s I can attest to the fact that Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, and don’t believe the BS coming from celebs who say they knew nothing…and are shocked.

Proof that UFO’s are real?

While Atlanta United has been a great success story our national team is in bad shape. Seems big changes are needed…and they may just steal our coach.

I find great art all the time over at City Antiques on Holcomb Bridge…but nothing quite like this.

I once met Tom Petty in a used record shop in LA. It was one of the coolest moments in my life.