Freedom Fighter IPA: Join the Fight

By Tara Gary
Recently while I was sitting at one of my favorite local breweries, Gate City Brewing Company, I noticed this cool little tank top displayed behind the bar. It had a large red X across it and read “FREEDOM FIGHTER.” I was intrigued. Then I noticed there was a package deal available to purchase the tank top with a six-pack of Freedom Fighter IPA. How could I not? I love brewery tank tops, and I love beer. But wait, what did “FREEDOM FIGHTER” stand for? I had an idea it was associated with the fight against human trafficking based on things I had seen previously; in fact, the red X is the main logo associated with the fight against human trafficking.

Cherry Street Brewpub at Halcyon

By Joe Duffy
Count me as all-in on the craft beer frenzy. However, as breweries burst forth like kudzu in Georgia, I feared a saturation point was unavoidable. When one of Roswell’s four new breweries, Abbey of the Holy Goats, went belly-up quicker than most froyo-at-every-corner joints, I surmised the tipping point had been reached.

For Love of My Kitchen Cabinet

By Di Chapman
Y’all, I know it’s February, and this column title and introduction might surprise you as a Valentine’s Day piece, but please indulge me in my stream of consciousness. You, my regular readers, know the way my brain works, and to you new readers, welcome to my unconventional style! I hope you’ll find it engaging. That said, I’ll dive into a Valentine’s column that is a tribute to friends.

Say It with Flowers

By Geri Laufer
Tussie-mussies are small nosegays of herbs and flowers, typically with a rose in the center, that can send a message in the language of flowers. Do you speak the flower language? Floral fluency comes in handy around Valentine’s Day to translate exactly what the bouquet you’re giving or receiving intends to say.

Valentine’s Romantic Comedy Movie Fest—Nora Ephron/Meg Ryan Trilogy:

By Britt Argo
It’s February, Valentine’s month, and what better way to celebrate than to honor two queens of romantic comedy movies—writer/director Nora Ephron and America’s Sweetheart, Meg Ryan. The perfect month to rewatch and fall in love with these three Nora Ephron/Meg Ryan movies all over again: When Harry Met Sally… (1989) with Billy Crystal, Sleepless in Seattle (1993) with Tom Hanks, and You’ve Got Mail (1998) also with Tom Hanks.

Emergency Stroke Care, Back/Neck Pain Relief Are Close to Home

When a stroke strikes, minutes matter. Roswell-area residents are fortunate Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, a Primary Stroke Center (PSC), is close by. Being a certified PSC means strict standards, set by The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, have been met. The PSC designation signifies excellence in stroke care, and better outcomes for stroke patients.

Be Strong. Be Better. Be You.

By Tara Gary
Before stepping inside the doors of Core57, I had come to the conclusion, after visiting many different types of gyms, that I did not enjoy joining a gym. I joined gyms in the past where I tried to break the contract for one reason or another, and I had to submit so many letters, forms, proof of address change, etc. that it seemed impossible at times to disenroll. My other dislike is when I am ready to workout, it seems as if other gym goers want to make it a social hour. No matter the earbuds in my ear or the blank stare into space, someone inevitably wants to chat. I am a very social individual, most of the time. Could someone come up with a concept for individuals, like myself, that seek to better their lifestyle without having to build a home gym? The answer is, YES!

Cheers to Beers

By Tara Gary
I won’t say which city or state I was in, but recently, I requested a recommendation, from one of the hotel employees where I was staying, for a local restaurant that had a good selection of draft beers. Her response was, and I kid you not, “They have both kinds at… ” I was puzzled, tilted my head, squinted my eyes, and questioned, “Both kinds? I don’t understand?” She replied, “Both kinds of beer, Bud and Miller Lite.”

Roswell Restaurant Week Returns

By Tara Gary
I am especially excited to celebrate the largest restaurant week in the metro Atlanta area—Roswell Restaurant Week. In its sixth consecutive year, Roswell Restaurant Week returns Monday, January 20 through Wednesday, January 29. This year 42 restaurants will participate in this fine culinary experience.

From the Earth is Close to Home

By Joe Duffy
I dwell in East Roswell. We East Roswellians fancy to grumble how west of GA 400 gets all the cool restaurants and shopping playthings. We get exasperated at the political establishment for approving developments we don’t desire. Pro tip: we in East Roswell don’t put our money where our mouth is. It’s not the elected hacks. It’s all on us.

It’s 2020! Let’s Do It on Purpose!

By Di Chapman
Kids, it’s a new decade, and it’s time for us to “do it on purpose.” Yes, you heard me: let’s jump into 2020 on purpose. So, y’all, breathe a collective sigh of relief. I’m not lecturing about dieting, exercising, or quitting McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme. I’m not going to browbeat you about watching TV. I dig TV. I slump on the sofa as much as anyone. So, friends, say hallelujah!

Treecycling – January 4

By Brandy Rixey
Join the tradition, and give a gift to nature this holiday season by recycling your Christmas tree. For 29 years, the “Bring One for the Chipper” program has helped Georgians recycle their Christmas trees. Sponsors like The Home Depot, The Davey Tree Expert Company, Georgia Forestry Commission, One Tree Planted, and WXIA-TV make it possible for the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation to implement the program in hundreds of communities statewide.

Houseplants and O2

By Geri Laufer
Healthy plants growing under the right conditions produce more oxygen than they consume and remove harmful trace pollutants from indoor air.

Beer Trends for 2020

By Tara Gary
Finding beer trends for 2020 on the internet is as difficult as finding a Budweiser in my refrigerator. I searched and searched, but seriously, who really knows what will happen in the beer industry this year?

Bad Boys for Life

By Britt Argo
It’s that time again. Go along for the ride with buddy cop duo—Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence)—in their third installment of the Bad Boys franchise.