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David Ethan Craig Tap and Six

Above, David and Ethan receive their first delivery at Tap & Six.

By Ethan Craig

Tap & Six is a family business. I’m there most days managing the store. You’ll find my brother Elliot picking up dishes or washing glasses behind the bar. Holli manages social media and special events. She is also known to come in during off-hours and clean to a level that I can’t even fathom. The people who work with me and keep the business going every day (Khalil, Michael, John, Jeremy, and Amy) are just like family.

And then there’s my dad, David.

We started working on Tap & Six together over three years ago. At first it was just an idea that he had for a craft beer bar that felt more like a coffee house. Then the idea began to turn into something real. We worked with the City of Roswell to change the laws so we could operate with our unique business model, came up with a name, got our permits, worked through a design, and built the place out. At some point along the way, it went from just a fun idea to “wow, this is actually going to happen!” It took a village, but we got there and opened in November 2017.

Throughout the process, my dad and I worked together every day to make it happen. I’ll pause here and say that this hasn’t always been easy. We have a good relationship, but he is my father and I am his son. We are family. When we started Tap & Six we added a whole new dynamic to our relationship. We became business partners!

In the beginning, our comfort zones were tested as we worked through the dynamics of being business partners while maintaining our father/son relationship at the same time. It took a while but along the way we began to figure it out. For example, at Tap & Six, I call him David instead of Dad. This allows us to operate on a level playing field. I run the business day to day, but I like to talk through issues with him on a regular basis. And when the occasional crisis occurs, we tackle it together.

We’ve learned more about each other over the past three years than we did in the decades before, and we’ve formed a new, and I would say stronger, relationship because of it. I think we get each other better now than we ever have. We have new war stories that we’ll be able to laugh about for years to come and a camaraderie that comes with building something together. Now that it’s June, I’m thinking about Father’s Day. David is into IPAs these days. So on June 16th, I’ll find something unique and share it with my dad.

Happy Fathers Day! ❍

Ethan Craig is Craft Beer Curator at Tap & Six Craft Beer House, a craft beer market and bar in Historic Roswell at 23 Oak Street.