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Our Philosophy

Our magazine was formed with a vision to create a better sense of community with local businesses and residents. There have been many changes in news delivery over the last decade. The proliferation of media outlets and their expanding national coverage has increased the need for the specialized “hyper-local” news that The CurrentHub provides at the neighborhood level. As a result, our advertisers and partners reach an actively involved and engaged reader that can become a loyal customer. These market factors make our mission to connect the people that live, work and play in surrounding communities more important than ever.

We achieve this with an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on the local community. We operate our business model with an investment in quality printing and delivery through the U.S. Postal Service. Each issue of The CurrentHub is mailed to 10,000 homes in North Fulton in addition to hundreds of free distribution points in your community.

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    Are you interested in contributing to the Premier North Fulton Community Magazine?  Looking to get your content published or your photos seen by thousands?  We have always been proud to feature local contributors in our magazine.  We would love to hear from you!


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    The Current Hub is unlike other local publications in that we focus on what connects each of the neighborhoods that comprise our community. We don’t dwell on the negative and we steer clear of politics and divisive issues.

    Our editorial focus is community, events, arts, culture, and health, and it’s presented in a colorful and engaging manner that appeals to readers. We have regular columnists to cover restaurant reviews, humor, gardening, and finance. Our cover stories are of community interest, music, and other events. We bring an energetic and stylish approach to living well—covering the many areas of our readers’ lives that intersect with their community.