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The CurrentHub is unlike other local publications in that we focus on what connects each of the neighborhoods that comprise our community. We don’t dwell on the negative and we steer clear of politics and divisive issues.

Our editorial focus is about unity and it’s presented in a colorful and engaging manner that appeals specifically to the female audience. From parenting and education to the arts and health we bring an energetic and stylish approach to living well – covering the many areas of our readers’ lives that intersect with their community.


The true path to success lies within the partnerships that a business builds. Developing symbiotic relationships within the community is the best way to help a business grow and thrive. The CurrentHub strives to enhance partnerships by building a bridge between the residents of Roswell and surrounding communities with local business owners.

Our Philosophy
The CurrentHub provides exclusive content at the neighborhood level. As a result, our advertisers and partners reach an actively involved and engaged reader that can become a loyal customer. In the present economy we all face, our mission to connect the people that live, work and play in Roswell, is more important than ever.

We achieve this with an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction, and focus on the community. We show respect to local homeowners by investing in quality printing and delivery through the U.S. Postal Service. This provides greater assurance your message will make it into the homes of connected and loyal readers.

Working toward a common goal of profitability is the best way to succeed. That starts with getting customers. We don’t play with facts and clever marketing terms. Our message is simple – we deliver to the people of north metro Atlanta.

For more information on how we can assist in your marketing our media kit is available for download below or you can call our main number at 770-810-5943.

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