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By Joe Duffy

As an evangelist for suburban dining, I happily grant that uOTPia is slowing receiving the adoration it merits, particularly when it pertains to Asian fare. Renowned Atlanta restaurant critic Christiane Lauterbach has been vocal singing the praises of Duluth’s Korean and Vietnamese (among other Asian) cuisines. However, such lauding is often in the context of how the territory with a general epicenter of I-85 and Pleasant Hill Road is too often overlooked.

Masterpiece resting well OTP Buford Highway, is a perennial entrant in Atlanta Magazine’s Top 75. When broke the bombshell that Berkeley Lake’s aforementioned glorious eating house will be resettling to Johns Creek, it solidified said tract as a dining target. Masterpiece would become at least the fifth top-echelon restaurant all within 1.1 miles of each other along Medlock Bridge’s “Asian Alley” amidst Pleasant Hill and Abbotts Bridge Road. 

The intel on the growing directory:


The moment this preeminent spot’s transfer boosts the radius to a Fab Five (and developing?) is unclear. Internationally recognized chef/owner Rui Liu has a menu deep in quantity and quality. Cumin mutton and acclaimed fried eggplant are high atop my list of requisite orders.

But having huddled with fellow food snobs, I can reassure that 25 devotees may present at least 20 different courses as their preference here. The best dish just may be the next one your order.

Hong Kong Cafe 

Notwithstanding changing ownerships, boiled fish is surrounded by other tremendous options a few doors down from H-Mart. In forenamed plaza, an Asian restaurant’s precondition for continuance is to yield top-notch cuisine and HKC obliges. Hong Kong style chili king shrimp is another beloved choice.

Mama’s Kitchen

Sisters Michelle Liu and Karen Wang secured dazzling notoriety with ITP’s La Mei Zi. This Taiwanese standout has humble creature environs in the back of H-Mart’s food court, but patrons will lust over three cup chicken, scallion pancakes, or any of the dishes with homemade noodles.

My close-to-the-vest when it comes to dining son, delighted in their chicken noodle soup.

Great Sichuan

“Mom and pop” may be hackneyed, but pertinent here. Though boiled fish is a dish I’ve relished at many places, Great Sichuan cooks other proteins adroitly in said dish. The boiled pork was among the best items I’ve ingested this year and I could devour another lamb casserole right now.

La Mekong Vietnamese

The number of pho options in Current Hubville has elevated considerably in recent years. La Mekong was generating such out in this area before just about anyone and they still do it as well as the new kids on the block. But there are other creditable dishes here as well.

24.7 Wall St. bestowed Johns Creek as the richest city in Georgia. With a large Asian population, hopefully the outgrowth of Johns Creek as a bastion of such cuisine is barely in its genesis.