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Q and A with Dr. Cristina Dasoveanu

It takes a great deal of courage and wit to work as a medical professional. Internal medicine in particular tends to attract the kind of people who naturally rise to a challenge. These doctors are level headed, quick thinking, resourceful, and work well under pressure. No matter how overwhelming a case may seem, they never let their patients see them sweat. Dr. Cristina Dasoveanu is one such doctor. A Romanian native, Dr. Dasoveanu felt the call to medicine at a relatively young age and followed her ambition across the ocean to New York. After falling in love with Georgia, she found herself at North Fulton Hospital as one of the newest members of the team. Dr. Dasoveanu is ready to hit the ground running and make connections with her new community.

Q When did you first know that you wanted to go into medicine? Was anyone in your family a medical professional?
ANSWER: I knew when I was in high school. I wanted to help people. I decided to find an avenue in the medical field. It was a personal decision. No one in my family went into medicine. Most of them still live in Romania.

Q You didn’t start out in Georgia. What brought you here?
ANSWER: My residency was actually in New York. I was visiting a friend in Athens and I got to see more of Georgia. Everything was so beautiful and green. And the people were so nice and friendly. I liked it better than where I was. The people in New York are friendly, too, but it was different. I wanted to come here, so I moved.

Q Why did you choose internal medicine as your specialty?
ANSWER: I think I chose it because of the openness of the field. I like being able to take care of multiple conditions and focus on more than one thing. It gives me a whole, general view of the self.

Q You’ve been in Georgia for a while now. Why have you decided to make the move to North Fulton?
ANSWER: It’s a beautiful area and the team is very friendly and welcoming. A patient of mine who works for them introduced me to the hospital. She moved from a different clinic and told me how great it was. I guess word of mouth really works!

Q What excites you most about your new job?
ANSWER: I’m looking forward to working with a large and diverse team of doctors, as well as being exposed to new conditions, pathologies and medical treatments.

Q What will you miss most from your current clinic?
ANSWER: I’ll miss my patients. Definitely. I’ve been with them for 15 years, so it’s like an extended family to me. That will be hard to leave.

Q In your opinion, what is the most valuable trait a physician in internal medicine can have?
ANSWER: You must have patience and understanding. It’s so important. You have to listen to the person in front of you.

Q What are some of the most common ailments you treat?
ANSWER: Some of the most common are diabetes and hypertension, along with their complications. Many different problems can stem from both of these diseases.

Q Please describe one of the most unusual cases you’ve ever had.
ANSWER: It was a brain tumor, actually. The patient came in and told us he had headaches when he was jogging. That was the only symptom. He didn’t have headaches at any other time. It was very unusual.

Q Have you ever considered a career other than medicine?
ANSWER: Not really, no. It was always going to be medicine!

Q What do you like to do in your free time?
ANSWER: I love to travel. I love visiting the Florida coast and discovering my new country. I pretty much stay within the US. There is so much to see here!

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