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Be Prepared For The End Of Summer

By Debbie Keel

While shopping this weekend, I spotted lots of signs reminding me about one of the annual rites of late summer: tax-free weekend, encouraging parents to shop for their kids back-to-school needs on one designated weekend. With kids all grown up, this now serves as a reminder to me to stay away from retail stores that weekend—the discount is hardly worth the Holiday-like crowds. (It also reminds me that my traffic-free ride into work will soon be over.)
But there are other important things besides buying, buying, and buying to prepare your children to return to school, and those things might be more important that the most fashionable school bag.
This is the time to be certain that your kids are ready to handle the germ factories that we call classrooms. Do they have necessary (sorry Jim Carrey, they really are necessary) vaccinations to protect them against measles, mumps, rubella and whatever else they can be protected against?
If they participate in fall sports at school, they most likely will need proof of a physical. North Fulton Hospital’s free school physical event has already passed but your pediatrician, family doctor or most any urgent  care centers do these physicals for under $30.
And when you are shopping you might want to pick up small bottles of hand sanitizer to stick in backpacks, lockers, etc. Washing hands frequently is the best way to prevent infections but using hand sanitizers is much easier during or between classes, after recess and before lunch.
Especially for young children, you might even attempt to begin to re-institute some kind of normalcy into their routine like earlier bedtimes and less TV time. It’s good for them but probably just as good for you. Remember appropriate amounts of sleep are important to a child’s ability to learn and your ability to deal with all the activity a new school year brings.

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