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Be Ready for Different!

Core57, a locally owned fitness studio in Downtown Alpharetta, brings a new and fresh approach to fitness.

By Tara Gary 

Before stepping inside the doors of Core57, I had come to the conclusion, after visiting many different types of gyms, that I did not enjoy joining a gym. I joined gyms in the past where I tried to break the contract for one reason or another, and I had to submit so many letters, forms, proof of address change, etc. that it seemed impossible at times to disenroll. My other dislike is when I am ready to workout, it seems as if other gym goers want to make it a social hour. No matter the earbuds in my ear or the blank stare into space, someone inevitably wants to chat. I am a very social individual, most of the time. Could someone come up with a concept for individuals, like myself, that seek to better their lifestyle without having to build a home gym? The answer is, YES!

I am thrilled to say I have recently found such a place—CORE57—locally owned and operated by Kolleen Losch who shares the same philosophy as I do and has incorporated those philosophies into her fitness community. Kolleen explained to me she was at times intimidated by the large fitness facilities out there, and her goal was to create an intimate and personalized environment for individuals to attain specific, measurable, and realistic goals for themselves. Especially enticing for individuals like myself is the CORE semi-private program. You are given the opportunity to do exercises that can’t be accomplished in large group classes and are specifically chosen for you and your goals. Semi-private sessions are never larger than 4 people! Each person is doing their own personalized workout while the trainer is managing the session and guiding you through your workout. The trainers pair you with similarly skilled individuals, eliminating the need to feel intimidated. They challenge you with an appropriate exercise system to increase your ability to be a stronger and better YOU.

Kolleen Losch assists a client exercising with kettlebells.

The trainers are chosen after an eleven-step interview process, ensuring you are in the best hands. You can be confident you are being guided and instructed by knowledgeable trainers who care about you and your well-being. I met two other trainers while speaking with Kolleen, the owner, and both were ladies I felt could have been friends of mine for years, as well as my trainer. I admit, I am no longer as fit and limber as I once was in my 20s, 30s, and 40s, and now that I am beginning a new decade, this fitness community feels like one I can feel comfortable in while trying to obtain the fitness goals I want to achieve.

The semi-private program also includes nutrition guidance, meal suggestions, supplement suggestions, fitness testing, body measurements, weigh-ins, and photos to help encourage you to obtain the goals you set and become a better you. I asked about the significance of the “57,” and Kolleen explained to me that there are “5” steps to success: assessment, goal setting, program design, implementation, and growth and “7” foundations of fitness: hydration, fuel, movement, heart rate training, pre- and post-recovery, life balance, and community. You can be confident that Kolleen and her staff have put together an incredibly well-designed fitness community with you in mind. Core57 has two Alpharetta locations: 6225 Atlanta Highway (which has been training individuals for nine years) and their new location in the Alpharetta City Center, 394 Commerce Street.

Take advantage of their “Jump Start Package” which includes an assessment of you and your goals, two large group classes (limited to 22 people), one semi-private class (limited to 4 people), and one recovery class for only $75. It’s a great way to discover the Core57 difference.

Core57 – 394 Commerce Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Core Physique – 6225 Atlanta Highway, Suite 111, Alpharetta, GA 30004

From left to right: Chris Thiel, Kolleen Losch, and Pam Giddings.

When not writing, Roswell resident Tara Gary is busy making industrial furniture, charcuterie boards, and local art. Most nights she can be found with her friends at local breweries and pubs drinking craft beer.