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By Tara Gary

One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful day is walk down Roswell’s lovely Canton Street. Another one of my favorite things is to drink beer. For the past few months, I had become most intrigued on my walks as to what was moving into the large corner space of the Vickers Roswell apartment building. Taps, taps, and more taps! How exciting, and just around the corner from where I live. I’ve been as anxious as a kid on Christmas Eve. Well, guess what… THEY ARE OPEN for business, at probably the worst time in recent history to open a small business. What should I do? Hmmm. Support them as much as possible, and you should too.

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Canton Street Beer Market by The Stout Brothers is owned and operated by Brandon King. You may be familiar with the Smyrna Beer Market on West Spring Street in Smyrna, which has been in business since 2012 and is Brandon’s first beer market. Being the southern girl I am, I had to welcome my new neighbor to the neighborhood properly, with a pie or cake. With neither in hand, I really went there not only to welcome him, but for my personal gain of perusing the large variety of beers on tap and also those available on the shelves.

I noticed something that got me even more excited. There are 56 taps! I was a little overwhelmed. What to choose to put in my growler? I decided on a Triple IPA by Tripping Animals Brewing Co. called Smile You Son of A- (9.5% ABV). It is a new favorite of mine. The wide variety of beers blew me away. I asked Brandon how he is able to get hold of new releases and beers that are often difficult to obtain.

Brandon explained he had been in the food and beverage industry for over three decades. His strong loyalty and commitment to follow through to his distributors, two of which are Modern Hops and Liberator Distributing, is respectfully reciprocated to Brandon—as he has first dibs on new releases. While I was speaking to Brandon, someone called in search of a limited-edition lager. Brandon politely told the customer he didn’t have it, but he would find it for her. That being said, he takes requests.

I asked Brandon what led him to open the Roswell beer market and he said he had been thinking of it for some time now, considering the walkability and community feel of Canton Street. He also mentioned a few of his Roswell friends and patrons of his Smyrna store were “harassing him” to finally open a location in Roswell. How rude. (Good job guys!)

An outstanding trait of Brandon’s, which you too will pick up on once you visit him, is he’s a good guy. You know sometimes you meet a store owner and they seem to be in it for the wrong reasons, just to make a buck or take on the nearby businesses? Not Brandon King. His enthusiasm for not only his business but their locations is truly genuine—all the way down to his branding.

Did you know cities have a designated color? The city of Roswell’s is blue. Canton Street Beer Market is branded with blue, and the Roswell Mill waterwheel is branded on the inside of the lids of the bottles. How thoughtful! It’s no coincidence the Smyrna Beer Market is branded in green with the city’s jonquil flower. Brandon said he wants to “encompass the feel for the community.”

Being the new kid on the block, he added his desire to complement the surrounding businesses, not compete with them. For instance, he will not be carrying California wines in his wine selection as a courtesy to Deep Roots Wine Market & Tasting Room, who features California wines and is located just down the street. Brandon mentioned his affection for many of our local breweries and added that they will be working together collaborating on beers. Where do I sign up to be a taste tester?

I know I mentioned the beer, but that’s not all the market carries. There’s a nice variety of wines, tasty snacks, and unique sauces for that BBQ you’ll be having once this pandemic passes. Did I mention the event space? They have this cool event space right off the store. During normal times it will be a place to sit and drink a flight (or two) or host an event. Brandon expects it will accommodate parties up to around 25-35 people. It has a nice bar with six beer taps and two wine taps, as well. Guests can watch a football game or conduct a meeting on the 100-inch plus projector screen while sipping beverages and hopefully not social distancing. It really is a great space to keep in mind for your next event or birthday party. Don’t forget to invite me, please.

So now that I’ve shared this exciting news with you, please go and support our new neighbor. Support all of our local businesses. When you meet Brandon, be sure to bring a cake or pie and mention I had something to do with it. Thanks!

You can follow both beer markets on Facebook, Instagram, and Untappd.

Canton Street Beer Market | 1186 Canton Street | Roswell | 678-694-8793

Smyrna Beer Market | 1265 West Spring Street | Suite D | Smyrna | 770-319-8200

When not writing, Roswell resident Tara Gary is busy making industrial furniture, charcuterie boards, and local art. Most nights she can be found with her friends at local breweries and pubs drinking craft beer.