So much to partake at Savory Gourmet

In August, Joe champions The Savory Gourmet Market in Alpharetta. Suppliers include Georgia’s own Patak’s for bacon, Citterio, Di Lusso, Mastro (among many others) for the Italian sandwich meats… and sit down for this one… Read on)

Good Mews is Good News!

Di Chapman is a dyed-in-the-wool furry critter lover. So, when she says she loves four-legged critters and is a pushover pet parent, believe her!

How did they come up with that name?

Most brewers think of every beer as a work of art, and they aren’t going to settle for just any name. Ethan Craig at Tap & Six lists a few of his favorite crazy names.


By Geri Laufer
Figs do well in metro-Atlanta landscapes and don’t need pollinating wasps like California figs do. Yummy figs can be eaten fresh, stuffed with chocolate or walnuts and blue cheese, dried, preserved, or used for baking and making ice cream.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

By Britt Argo
This movie does stand alone, it gives us a whole new villain. So if you jump in and only see this one, you’ll still enjoy it. But go ahead, indulge again or for the first time in “Furious 7″ and “The Fate of the Furious” to understand just why these two characters hate each other so much.

Do You Want to be Average?

How often does the average return occur? Robert Fezza and Steve Siders of Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors explain averages in the US stock market.

The Freakin Incan

The infallible one walks us through the Peruvian dishes at The Freakin Incan. Don’t get hungry and jealous, just go over to East Cobb and try it.

Milkshakes at the Lake

By Ethan Craig
One trendy beer style is a milkshake IPA. It’s an IPA with lactose sugar added in. Some of them really taste like they were blended at an ice cream shop…

Annual Flowers Deliver Landscape Color

By Geri Laufer
Want head-turning curb appeal? Use color! Bedding plants (aka annuals) are plants that flower more or less continuously for a single season.

Still a Dancing Queen Let’s Go!

By Di Chapman
Every girlfriend and group of girlfriends, has giggled with enthusiasm when I’ve run this idea past them. Even my husband has gotten into it, helping me brainstorm the memories.