Giving Back to the Community Keeps All of Us Strong

By Tara Gary
When the coronavirus pandemic first started changing our lives, someone said to me that now is when we will see people’s true colors. This is a very true statement. After 9/11, I remember communities coming together. We were more cohesive and united. For the first time in my generation, we experienced something catastrophic and evil on American soil. This reminds me of that time. For the most part (as I expected), people are supporting one another, and I’ve heard and read about some truly touching stories as a result of this difficult situation.

Mambo’s Café Offers Authentic Cuban & Peruvian

By Joe Duffy
I’ve been indulging at Mambo’s Café since they premiered their preceding location in 2006. When I’ve sought to advocate outstanding Cuban restaurants in the region, I often overlook Mambo’s, not because they aren’t deserving, but because ninety percent of the time I order off the Peruvian side of the menu—forgetful that they are a great Cuban option.

Canton Street Beer Market: Welcome Y’all

By Tara Gary
One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful day is walk down Roswell’s lovely Canton Street. Another one of my favorite things is to drink beer. For the past few months, I had become most intrigued on my walks as to what was moving into the large corner space of the Vickers Roswell apartment building. Taps, taps, and more taps!

The Things We Did… When There Was Nothing to Do

By Di Chapman
Perhaps we’ve been released from our sheltering in place by the time this column appears, so I decided it would be fun to look at some of the things we did when there was nothing to do. Universally, I heard from my family and friends that the time sheltering was used for long overdue cleaning, organizing, and calling our mothers. There was washing the car more than a few times, polishing the high school Captain of the Football Team trophy, and dusting the vinyl collection. There was trying on our jeans from 2017 and contorting our torsos to button them. We all had things we did when there was nothing to do.

10 Bullet-Proof Flowers for Your Landscape

By Geri Laufer
No plant is bulletproof, but here’s a list that comes pretty close. These are a few of my favorites. Try some in your landscape.

Quality Time at Home

By Tara Gary
I find myself repeatedly thinking, “if you would have told me a year ago… I wouldn’t believe it.” For example, if you would’ve said to me a year ago that I would be “social distancing” myself right now, I would not have believed it. So often I have plans and intentions that end up very differently, and thankfully, most of them end up positively affecting my life. In no way am I suggesting this virus pandemic is a positive thing, but I do believe the time we have may be perfect for rejuvenating ourselves and our relationships with our families—if we don’t go stir-crazy first.

Table & Main | a southern tavern. Simple. Seasonal. Southern.

By Joe Duffy
I’ve rightfully credited the often imitated but never duplicated Avalon for permanently altering the uOTPian landscape (I say for the better), dining included. However, long before North American Properties broke ground on Old Milton, the genesis of suburban dining relevancy was on Canton Street in Roswell.

Support Local Brews

By Tara Gary
Though I was bummed one of my favorite days of the year, the Roswell Beer Festival, had to be postponed, I am now very much looking forward to the days of normalcy returning. I’m eager to see friends, neighbors, loved ones, and strangers out and about again—pulling up a bar stool and toasting to being together again.

Keeping a Positive Mindset

By Tara Gary
Curious to see how a health and fitness business is functioning during this unusual time, I called Kolleen Losch—owner and operator of Core57—to see how she is coping through this situation. I’ve never spoken to Kolleen when she wasn’t spirited and upbeat, and this conversation was no different. It seems to me this is a common attribute of people I know who practice active and healthy lifestyles.

April Showers, Springtime Flowers, Birdsong, and the River

By Di Chapman
God bless Mother Nature.
Kids, I’ll tell you, she’s the best medicine for relief from sooo much in a thing called “life.” She can offer us beautiful blue skies, blessed days of rain, and refreshing breezes. She even gives us the chance to live in places that offer more rain than sun, more wind than calm, more heat than cold, the opposite of each, or a blend of some or all.