A Thanksgiving “Thank You” to America!

By Di Chapman Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I stand agasp on the scales today, mortified by what this Thanksgiving dinner could mean to me in terms

Chicken Little or Rose-Colored Glasses?

By Robert Fezza and Steve Siders August 21st marked the longest-running S&P 500 rally, followed in mid-September, by the ten-year anniversary of the 2008 financial

Ground Covers for Challenging Spots

Keeping your landscape green and serene when the temperature dips. Green Scene by Geraldine Laufer Fall is proceeding and winter is just around the corner,

Thai Street Food in Alpharetta

By Joe Duffy, Photos by 24/7Photography, LLC When I moved to Roswell more than 16 years ago, my only grievance was the lack of first-rate

Rockin’ The Boot

“It’s a witch,” (Ahem. So to speak.) I say to myself and my friends. It just so happens I’m sporting a lovely, fashionable (not) boot

How to Buy a Vigorous Tree

Green Scene by Geri Laufer Have you been planning to add a tree to your landscape? Whether a containerized Japanese maple for the deck or

Conceived in Naples/Avalon

By Joe Duffy My most repeated gastronomic maxim regarding local dining is that no cuisine has skyrocketed in both quality and quantity in the AlphaRoz

Unmasking Identity Theft

Meaningful Conversations About Money By Robert Fezza and Steve Siders With Halloween approaching many of our children are busy planning their costumes. The fun of

The Magic at MF

By Joe Duffy If one wants to start a hullabaloo among suburbanites, the topic of high-density neighborhoods will get the sparks flying. Many uOTPians favor

Topless in Roswell

By Di Chapman “Are the guys looking you over in that thing? A beautiful blonde at the wheel?” My husband is so cute. I’ve just