“Atlanta’s Taste of Portugal”

By Joe Duffy
Do you know that gloomy shopping center on Roswell Road that was the long-time home of the DMV? In the far right-hand corner a few doors down from a salsa dance studio you’ll find a hidden gem…

Midway – Opens November 8

By Britt Argo
This movie is far from just a two-hour history lesson. Roland Emmerich (Independence Day)—the director known for “in-your-face” action scenes—takes you for a ride the entire movie. If you loved Top Gun and Pearl Harbor, brace yourself for another sweeping aerial battle movie!

This Year I’m Thankful for My Smile

By Di Chapman
Most of us don’t speak about upcoming dental appointments with breathless anticipation. No, they’re not hot dates. They’re not sumptuous dinners of whatever meal you salivate over. Di has a different take—read on…

Planting Trees Correctly

By Geri Laufer
The most important natural element in landscapes, trees produce habitats for a wide variety of insects, birds, and squirrels. Their magnificent size and longevity provide scale for the landscape and (when placed properly) valuable shade that helps with cooling your home.

Bite Bistro & Bar

In the never humble opinion of your infallible restaurant whisperer, the seminal moment that pronounced the beginning of the end of Alpharetta’s Bloomin’ Onion Acres dark days of dining was the launch of Bite.

Blue Jean-e-ology

Diane’s sister finds the process of shopping to be as good as life gets and finding the perfect deal exhilarating. So when sister wants to discuss wardrobe, Diane listens.

Migrating Houseplants Back Indoors Before Winter

Did you move your houseplants outdoors for a hot, steamy summer vacay? Houseplants thrive in the increased sunshine, heat, water, and humidity found outside.

Downton Abbey

By Britt Argo
Put on your white gloves, long beaded necklaces, or your dapper tweed suits. Pour some tea, indulge in a biscuit, and celebrate this enchanting affair.

Souper Jenny Lands in Roswell

By Joe Duffy
I asked Ms. Levison how many soups were in her portfolio. Yowza, she told me about 200. Jenny, I got your number, and I need to make all 200 mine.

My Weird Profession

Could it be yours, too? By Di Chapman I have a weird profession. It’s never been weird to me, mind you, but for over 40 years, whenever I give my so-called “title,” the response is blank stares and “Say what?” Even after I explain it, I must give examples of it. Apparently, I’m one of