Roswell Restaurant Week Returns

By Tara Gary
I am especially excited to celebrate the largest restaurant week in the metro Atlanta area—Roswell Restaurant Week. In its sixth consecutive year, Roswell Restaurant Week returns Monday, January 20 through Wednesday, January 29. This year 42 restaurants will participate in this fine culinary experience.

From the Earth is Close to Home

By Joe Duffy
I dwell in East Roswell. We East Roswellians fancy to grumble how west of GA 400 gets all the cool restaurants and shopping playthings. We get exasperated at the political establishment for approving developments we don’t desire. Pro tip: we in East Roswell don’t put our money where our mouth is. It’s not the elected hacks. It’s all on us.

It’s 2020! Let’s Do It on Purpose!

By Di Chapman
Kids, it’s a new decade, and it’s time for us to “do it on purpose.” Yes, you heard me: let’s jump into 2020 on purpose. So, y’all, breathe a collective sigh of relief. I’m not lecturing about dieting, exercising, or quitting McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme. I’m not going to browbeat you about watching TV. I dig TV. I slump on the sofa as much as anyone. So, friends, say hallelujah!

Houseplants and O2

By Geri Laufer
Healthy plants growing under the right conditions produce more oxygen than they consume and remove harmful trace pollutants from indoor air.

Beer Trends for 2020

By Tara Gary
Finding beer trends for 2020 on the internet is as difficult as finding a Budweiser in my refrigerator. I searched and searched, but seriously, who really knows what will happen in the beer industry this year?

Bad Boys for Life

By Britt Argo
It’s that time again. Go along for the ride with buddy cop duo—Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence)—in their third installment of the Bad Boys franchise.

‘Tis the Season For Events

Tara Gary finds joyful and memory-making things to do with your loved ones this holiday season.

8 Stocking Stuffers for Your Gardening Friends

By Geri Laufer
The term “stocking stuffers” refers to thoughtful, personalized gifts used to remember your buddies, and in this case, those who enjoy gardening. These gifts are often small enough to fit in most stockings, and best of all, come with an affordable price tag.

Happy Holiday Wishes to You!

By Di Chapman
True confessions, y’all. I am a December baby, and this one is my 65th. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. Fat chance? Tease me as you will, but why not join me in pondering lifetime memories?

Jumanji: The Next Level – Opening December 13

By Britt Argo
“The gang is back but the game has changed.”
We were first introduced to this magical board game in 1995 when Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, and Kirsten Dunst battled live game pieces in the original family adventure comedy.