Collaboration Brings Second Chances

By Ethan Craig

Sometimes the creativity and ingenuity of putting two heads together can result in something unique and amazing. Musicians collaborate on some incredible songs (David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s “Under Pressure” is one awesome example), and it seems like everywhere I go these days, there is a collaborative workspace right around the corner. Brewers collaborate all the time and many of their concoctions have resulted in some fun and unexpected brews.

Russian River Brewing Company in California and Avery Brewing Co. in Colorado are widely credited as the first to collaborate on a limited release beer. Collaboration Not Litigation Ale was the creation that got it started. Since then, there have been thousands of collaborations and not always with just beer. In some cases, brewers have teamed up with wineries, meaderies, and chefs. In Brewery Ommegang’s case, they came out with a very popular Game of Thrones series.

When two (or more) breweries get together, the collaboration is as much about hanging out and sharing a beer as it is coming up with something special. Last year, Gate City Brewing Company and Variant Brewing Company paired up to release Walking Distance and demonstrated that friends can be competitors and collaborate on a great beer at the same time.

In 2017, Tim Stevens opened From the Earth Brewing Company in East Roswell, and he and his head brewer, Brian Lee, have been producing some really great beers ever since. Their Porch Song IPA is one of their most popular and a favorite of mine. They are nice people and friends as well. So when Tim brought up the idea of collaborating on a beer with Tap & Six, we were all in. We sat down, over a beer, and talked through styles and hop characteristics and came up with something we are excited to share with you. An IPA with El Dorado and Lemondrop hops, it has a lighter body and finishes with a slight haze. It’s a refreshing choice for a warm, May afternoon.

From the Earth and Tap & Six are carrying our collaboration on tap in May, and as dog lovers, we are excited that every beer sold will benefit the Atlanta Humane Society. And so, the name of our first collaboration beer is Second Chances.

I hope you’ll bring Rover and enjoy one on the patio. Or better yet, think about adopting, and give a pup a second chance. That would be the best collaboration of all.

Ethan Craig is Craft Beer Curator at Tap & Six Craft Beer House, a craft beer market and bar in Historic Roswell at 23 Oak Street.