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By Hedley Lamarr

We have a lot of opportunities to see great music without traveling very far. I love many of our outdoor venues, such as the Riverside concert series in Roswell and at the Chattahoochee Nature Center they do some great stuff at their concert pavilion. Beyond the local spots there are some big shows in the metro area coming up soon that are of note and if you love retro 80s rock, then Chastain Park in Atlanta is going to be your go-to place for concerts in the coming weeks.

On July 11 the Retro Futura tour hits the stage at Chastain. This is a tour featuring some of the biggest acts from the 80s such as Modern English, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, and more. On July 18 two legendary acts Violent Femmes and Echo & the Bunneymen perform. This will be a great double act as both of these bands contain most of the original members and in all honesty they have aged pretty well. If you went to college in the 80s you still have that Violent Femmes anthem “Blister In The Sun” ringing in your ears. Then on July 22 they feature the Life Tour that has Culture Club and our own B-52s performing. I can say that without a doubt the B-52s are still one of the best live acts I’ve seen. Going on four decades now and I dare you to not dance during “Rock Lobster.”

But wait there is more! The retro theme just motors along at Chastain. In early August they have the Lost 80s Live tour hitting the stage on August 5. This show features A Flock of Seagulls, Naked Eyes, Wang Chung, and Berlin. Each of those acts were in heavy MTV rotation back in the day so for those of you over 50, take your vitamins and relive high school. If you want, let’s meet at my house, play some Atari, then head down for the show. Come on, you know you want to. For info on Chastain shows visit

Okay so maybe the 80s new wave wasn’t your thing. I have options. At the Atlanta Botanical Garden they have an outdoor concert series called Concerts in the Garden. In July they feature a show on the 13th with Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers. I’m not sure what happened to The Range but I’m sure Bruce will be bringing out all of the hits. On July 27 they have everyone’s favorite Doobie Brother Michael McDonald. McDonald has, of course, produced many hits with both the Doobie Brothers back in the late 70s and then as a very successful solo career. Each of these shows promises to be a great fit for the relaxed setting. For info and tickets visit