Great Art Comes In Threes

By Michael Harris

Muse and Co. Fine Art of Roswell, which has a long history of presenting female and abstract works mostly of local artists, is introducing three dynamic artists in conjunction with the Roswell Roots Festival.

The show, which is titled Abstracted Visions, will showcase the works of three African American women artists Lillian Blades, Tracey Murrell, and Charlotte Riley-Webb. All three have won numerous awards and recognition for their work and they have all had significant exhibitions nationwide.

Blades (pictured) is known mostly for her multilayered 3D assemblage and is a native of the Bahamas. Much of her work deals with ideas and abstracted images of womanhood, the sea, and memories of her childhood and home. Her paintings, assemblages, and prints are included in numerous museum, public, and private collections.

Murrell is an Atlanta-based artist and curator. Her bold, minimal artwork explores the use of silhouettes by re-contextualizing images from popular culture to use as entry points for conversations on gender, race, and beauty. Her use of positive/negative space and high-key color are reminiscent of pop and post pop masters such as Lichtenstein, Katz, and Hume—prompting viewers to question their own beliefs about race and gender, as well as what is high and low art.

“Music” by Tracey Murrell

Riley-Webb is an Atlanta native who grew up and was educated in Ohio. She is a painter, illustrator, and print maker who was known for most of her career for her vibrant color palette and images of beautiful, graceful, and strong women and girls. Her foray into abstraction over the past decade carries forward the vibrant coloration and story-telling of her figurative work. Riley-Webb has won numerous awards including one from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the John T. Biggers Award.

This exhibitionopens Feb. 2 with an artists’ talk and reception on Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. Muse and Co. Fine Art is located at 31B Oak St. in Roswell. For more information on the gallery visit their site at