HomeStretch Receives $25,000 Grant from Georgia Small Business Capital

Georgia Small Business Capital (GSBC)*, Georgia’s largest Certified Development Corporation (CDC) and the second most active CDC in the United States over the past 15 years, has announced today that it will be providing a $25,000 grant to the Housing Initiative of North Fulton, Inc. (HomeStretch) to continue their work in helping low income families gain the necessary training and skills to thrive in the Metro Atlanta workforce.

“One of the greatest aspects of our firm is the ability to take our capital and deploy it back into the community via grants to deserving organizations such as HomeStretch. As an Economic Development group ourselves, it is important for Georgia Small Business Capital to support the sustainability of programs that keep alive the engine of job growth in our communities” said Cory Stewart, Market Executive for Georgia Small Business Capital. “North Fulton County is just one of the many great communities we serve and the partnership with HomeStretch continues the long standing dedication we have in ensuring that where there is a need for job growth, Georgia Small Business Capital will be there to provide guidance and financial support to all of our local small businesses” emphasized GSBC Chairman Tony Palazzo.

Since 1993, HomeStretch has been guiding working homeless families toward increased self-reliance and stability. Their mission is to provide supportive housing and programs that equip working families to regain and sustain permanent housing. HomeStretch was founded to address the fundamental issues contributing to family homelessness in North Fulton and to assist rent burdened families facing housing crises.

HomeStretch serves single mothers with children, single fathers with children, and married couples with children. Families stay in the program from 12 to 24 months while they achieve measurable goals in four key areas of stability: finances, employment, family strength and housing. Each year, HomeStretch owns and operates 39 housing units. Twenty-three family units are used for the Supportive Housing Program for homeless families, and 16 units are used for the Affordable Housing Program for HomeStretch graduates and other low-income community residents.

Pictured:  Joan O’Connell, Rose Jackson Burton, Kurt Hilbert, Peter J Tarantino, Kendra Plotkin, Susan Woodlief Busch and Laura Zimmerman.