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June Is Men’s Health Month

By Debbie Keel

Hey guys… you need screenings, too.
When I speak to my sons-in law and husband about Men’s Health Month, they look at me with one of those quizzical looks… the same one they use when I ask if we can watch my favorite movie, Steel Magnolias.
But they can rattle off things they have heard from their wives or me about Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) and Women’s Heart Health month (February). For some reason, these pretty bright men don’t know or want to know that there are many health screenings they need to obtain over the course of their lives.
There are the well-known blood pressure and cholesterol screenings that everyone needs starting as young as 18, depending on their health history and ancestry. Then there is abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, diabetes screening and the most dreaded of all but no less important colorectal screening.
My message is simple to all the men in my life and those across this community: if you never think about your health the rest of the year, please think about it in June. Get familiar with the screenings above and others by checking out this website:
Then do what you have to do—even if you don’t let us watch Steel Magnolias, we still want you around.

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