Keeping a Positive Mindset

By Tara Gary

Curious to see how a health and fitness business is functioning during this unusual time, I called Kolleen Losch—owner and operator of Core57—to see how she is coping through this situation. I’ve never spoken to Kolleen when she wasn’t spirited and upbeat, and this conversation was no different. It seems to me this is a common attribute of people I know who practice active and healthy lifestyles.

Kolleen mentioned that during this time, when we face a sense of mortality and fear of the unknown, the one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies. “This is a wake-up call. You don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. If you are healthy and something happens, you are better prepared,” she said. We can control what we eat, and how, and when we move. This is a time when our health can be vulnerable, however, if your body is healthy to begin with, it makes it less susceptible to illness and easier to recover from a broken limb, cold, or virus, for example.

Kolleen also mentioned her facilities are “a tight-knit community.” Kolleen, the trainers, and clients have formed solid relationships—supporting one another, helping to maintain the positive mindset associated with Core57. She and her trainers are conducting one-on-one virtual classes and sessions with clients at this time.

Consulting with her clients on their nutrition goals, to keep them on track, is also a very important factor of the equation. She has asked clients to keep a schedule of their days, circling times they plan to eat. The intent is to keep them mindful of their goals—should they find themselves wandering into the pantry or refrigerator out of boredom. I thought this was a genius idea. So many of us are following the rules of social distancing, confining ourselves to our homes, and the kitchen can be more enticing than ever. We must remain mindful of keeping ourselves healthy, and I love Kolleen’s approach and guidance methods.

I am so pleased we live in a great community that’s working together to get through this difficult time. Some of the stories I’ve read and the individuals I have talked to are people doing their best to get through this and helping others who may be struggling. Kolleen’s commitment to her trainers and clients is inspirational. Concluding our conversation, Kolleen mentioned the importance of “keeping a positive mindset.” Kolleen couldn’t be a better example of this.

There is no better time than now to become a stronger, better you. Call Core57 to get started.

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