Luscious Lilies for North-Metro Landscapes

Heck, I love lilies so much that I named my dog Lily!
Include true lily bulbs in your fall bulb order.

By Geri Laufer

Common names are misleading, and “Lily” is a catch-all term for many different types of plants. All of the following are called lily—milk-and-wine lily, canna lily, rain lily, lily of the valley, African lily, magic lily, spider lily, blackberry lily, kaffir lily, foxtail lily, Amazon lily, climbing lily, Guernsey lily,

African corn lily, calla lily, and daylily! Yikes! Each of these has its own genus.

In this article we are talking about the true lily or genus Lilium. Lily fragrance is a constant and enhances the landscape in early summer. Flower colors range from white to yellow, orange, red, and pink, with speckles, stripes, and lovely variations.

Garden Geri with the incredibly fragrant Orienpet hybrids, which grow
6 – 8 feet and scent the entire landscape. Photo: David Laufer

Lilies are hardy bulbs and are best planted in the fall so they can become established before flowering next summer, but locally available container-grown lilies can be planted any time.


Asian lilies – Tough short lilies, three-feet tall,
perfect for the mailbox planting, in bold colors of red, orange, yellow, white, pink, and even a dark purple.
Chinese trumpet lilies – The familiar Easter lily is an example of the graceful trumpet lilies. A cost-saving tip is to look for Easter lilies the day after Easter, when the price is marked way down, and plant them in your garden right away.
Oriental lilies – Towering specimens grow 6-8 feet in Atlanta gardens and are incredibly fragrant.
Orienpet lilies – Hybrid lilies (a cross between oriental and trumpet categories) that grow into towering specimens 6 – 8 feet in Atlanta gardens. They are incredibly fragrant and scent the entire landscape. These are my favorite; do try some.
Tiger lilies – Shorter lilies with reflexed petals and spots come in orange, yellow, white, and pink.

Find out all about lilies online at the North American Lily Society or like them on Facebook.

Then there is a mail order nursery that I have ordered from for years called Van Engelen, and they give tons of information and stock many varieties of hardy lilies.

Do you have some nice lily pictures from your home landscape? Let me know by posting at The Current Hub facebook page or email me at geri@ ❍

Geri Laufer lives in Atlanta, where she, graphic designer husband David, and English Coonhound Lily are working on designing and installing a never-finished landscape. You can reach her at Geri Laufer