New center for rehabilitation in North Fulton Hospital

Treatments include physical, occupational, and speech therapy

A new option for outpatient rehabilitation will be available for the North Fulton community this spring when WellStar North Fulton Neuro Rehab opens its doors.

The rehabilitation center will offer specialized treatment to patients recovering from a stroke, brain injury or other neurological disorders to enhance their quality of life.

“At WellStar North Fulton Neuro Rehab, we believe in clinical and customer service excellence for our patients. The team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists will work together towards providing outstanding neuro rehab that results in the patient achieving their maximum level of function,” said Niki Groves, director of outpatient rehabilitation.

Treatments offered at this new location include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and swallowing therapy and Parkinson’s treatment among others.

“Our programs are designed to meet the unique, individualized needs and goals of each patient,” explained Groves.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about WellStar North Fulton Neuro Rehab, please call 470-956-4400. 2500 Hospital Blvd., Suite 225 Rowell, GA 30067.

Services Offered:

Physical Therapy — gait training, fall risk testing and treatment, balance training, strengthening and mobility enhancement
Occupational Therapy — Focus on restoring functional use of the hands and arms, home management skills, adaptive equipment
Speech and Swallowing Therapy — Exercises to improve muscle movement, strategies and positions for swallowing more effectively
Speech and Swallowing Assessment — Modified Barium Swallow assessment evaluates those who have difficulty with inhaling or aspirating food into the windpipe
Vestibular/Vertigo Treatment — Dizziness and balance treatment
Parkinson’s Treatment — Speech, OT, and PT help patients regain function and slow deterioration through intensive exercise and empowerment
Cognitive and Aphasia Treatment — Restoring and strengthening abilities with strategies or assistive communication technology and family training