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By Michael Consoli

There is no better time to make sure you are supporting the small businesses in your community than now. Under normal circumstances it’s the small businesses that truly make a large impact in our local economy and overall well-being. Small businesses bring us together. They provide a better economy by paying for advertising, employing our neighbors, and making contributions to our local schools and various charities. When small businesses suffer, we all suffer the effects in one way or another.

I am grateful to be a small business owner for over eighteen years in our community. I attribute my success to my knowledgeable, diligent team and our loyal clients. Not only are we committed to our clients, my team and I extend our loyalty to the community by supporting local high schools, fellowships, and charitable organizations. The relationships, solidarity, and respect we—the residents and business owners—have for one another create this thriving area we call “home.”

As a locally owned and operated business, my team and I pride ourselves on providing attentive, uncompromising personal service that helps us build lasting relationships with our clients—all while providing the BEST value. We are committed to ensuring you get the best price and the best service when planning your vacation. That is why we want to help you take advantage of the specials and risk-free cancellation policies the cruise lines and tour operators are offering at this time.

Right now is the time to book your next vacation. Many major cruise lines are waiving penalties for customers wishing to change, postpone, or cancel their trips due to the current situation. They are pushing back final payments and offering risk-free cancellations up to twenty-four hours in advance. Not only are they diverting from their typical policies, they are offering persuasive incentives. My team and I have inner access to these deals. During this advantageous time, we can help you navigate the best way to select a trip, benefit from the best savings, and show you how to protect it—ensuring your investment will be safe.

We can even help you work through the new policies provided by the cruise and tour operators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, so you can save now on the trip you book for the future. You can trust we have insider knowledge of how cruise lines are masters at dealing with unforeseen developments. Cleanliness and sterilization are routine and standard for a cruise line. Rest assured, when the time comes to reawaken your senses and renew your inner travel cravings, they will be prepared to pamper and indulge your needs while keeping your safety and health a top priority.

Don’t make travel plans on your own when you can trust us, your neighbors at Cruise Planners—Michael Consoli & Associates, to take care of all your travel needs. As travel advisors, we know the ins and outs of the travel and cruise industry and can help ensure your travel investment is responsibly planned and protected. Let us help save you time, money, and the frustration of planning a trip.

Our clients don’t pay for our services, the cruise line or tour provider does—so there is no cost to you. Whether it be today, tomorrow, or next week, we will eventually return to normalcy. It is important to look forward to the many things, like travel, we may have once taken for granted and know we will be able to enjoy them once again, perhaps with a sense of greater appreciation.