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Q & A with Dr. Chacko

Rated one of America’s Top Doctors in Allergy and Immunology, Dr. Thomas Chacko makes it a goal to provide his patients with as much individualized care as possible. Dr. Chacko graduated from Jefferson Medical College, completed his residency at New York University Bellevue Hospital, received Internal Medicine/Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Training at the University of South Florida. Dr. Chacko aims to stay up to date on the most current knowledge and provide the best treatments available for all ages. With recent speaking opportunities on CNN, WebMD, and Fox News, Dr. Chacko is sought after nationally for his expertise in all areas of adult and pediatric allergy and immunology.
Q Where did you grow up? ANSWER: I grew up in Queens, N.Y. My parents still reside in Bayside Queens—where I grew up. I only left home to attend college at Penn State University.
Q When did you discover medicine and decide to make it your career?
ANSWER: My mother is a pediatrician, and I always admired how much she enjoyed her work. That led me into wanting to go into medicine. I knew at a pretty young age that I wanted to be a doctor, likely around 9th grade or so.
Q Where did you attend college and medical school?
ANSWER: Penn State for undergrad and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia for Med school.
Q How did you discover allergy medicine and decide that it was the right specialty for you?
ANSWER: In my first year of residency at NYU, someone told me to check out the field of Allergy/Immunology. I get to see both children and adults and get to know a lot of families (as allergies tend to run in the family). I did a few rotations and really fell in love with the field. To this day, I’m very happy I chose this path and hope to practice as long as I can.
Q Do you have a mentor or someone who has been instrumental in your career?
ANSWER: Again, It would be my mother. She loved what she did and it was also how she provided for our family.
Q Will you tell us a little bit about your family?
ANSWER: My wife is a high school teacher. She taught 9th grade at Milton for 5 years and now tutors Biology at Kings Ridge Christian School. I have 3 children, Christina, 7 years old; Jaya, 5; and TJ, 4. We live right in the area in Harrington Falls.
Q How did you decide to make Atlanta your home? ANSWER: I did some training in Tampa for allergy. After moving out of the north, I liked the warmer weather and cost of living so decided to come settle in the South. Atlanta is a big city and we have some family here, so we looked for jobs in the area. I’ve been here now since 2007 and I genuinely love the Alpharetta/
Roswell/North Fulton area. We think it’s a great place to live, work, and raise kids.
Q What do you do when you’re not in your practice or at the hospital?
ANSWER: Generally I’m doing whatever activities the kids are doing, whether swim team, tennis or basketball. I also try to go the the gym regularly.
Q What is the best part about being a physician?
ANSWER: I love that I get to make people’s quality of life better which can be pretty gratifying! ❍

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