Roswell Has a New Mayor

By Tripp Liles, publisher

In what has become a long political drama in Roswell the race for mayor and two city council seats has come to a conclusion. Lori Henry will be mayor of Roswell by taking office in January, which represents monumental change for a city that has only seen two mayors since 1967. In the two contested council seats Matt Judy won Post 6, while Sean Groer won Post 3.

These new members will join previously elected city council members Matt Tyser and Marie Willsey. This represents a complete overhaul of the political landscape in Roswell from just 4 years ago. It remains to be seen just what effects this has on the city though development was a front and center issue.

This election comes at a pivotal time for the city as it has undergone tremendous change in this century. Housing and development play a large part in how the city will grow and there are multiple large projects staring all of these members right in the face. They will have to deal with issues such as the City Green project; redevelopment of the old Southern Skillet property; continued development in and around Canton Street; the Highway 9 corridor and connectivity between Roswell and Sandy Springs; the Super Target location in east Roswell…the list could go on.

The overarching issue is that the city government has been somewhat dysfunctional over the past several years with infighting and political gamesmanship. Beyond the previously mentioned issues there must be some cohesion brought back to City Hall. These new faces have a somewhat clean slate but there are big decisions to be made and many of them quickly. With little experience in these various positions only time will tell if this change is for the better.

Election Results (all precincts reporting) as of 11:04pm per Fulton Co. elections:

LORI HENRY                 54.86%       6,551
LEE JENKINS              45.14%          5,390

City Council Post 6:
MATT JUDY                 59.94%             6,660
KAREN PARRISH        40.06%          4,452

City Council Post 3
SEAN A. GROER     54.02%       5,768
MIKE NYDEN         45.98%        4,910