Roswell Opens Sun Valley Drive Extension

The City of Roswell has officially cut the ribbon on its Sun Valley Drive Extension project, and the road is now open to traffic. The Sun Valley Road Extension has established a new route for those traveling from Mansell Road to Alpharetta Highway (SR 9), helping to alleviate traffic at the intersection of Mansell Road and Alpharetta Highway.

The project extends the existing road from Alpharetta Highway (SR 9) east to Warsaw Road, and includes intersection improvements, as well as a new single-lane roundabout. The new road extension is a “complete street” with 11-foot travel lanes, 4-foot bicycle lanes, 5-foot sidewalks (southern side), and an 8-foot multi-use path (northern side).

“We focused on mobility, but we also focused on people and livability, not just moving cars,” said Steve Acenbrak, Director of Transportation, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, May 3. “This project is what we call a ‘complete street.’ It accommodates bikes, cars, and pedestrians. It improves mobility, improves water quality, improves recreational alternatives, and improves the economic viability of this area.”

Before starting construction on the road extension, the City completed several storm water improvements, including upgrading an existing detention pond and creating two water treatment cells to enhance water quality and detention before the water reaches Foe Killer Creek.

The project was constructed by Vertical Earth, Inc., and cost approximately $4.33 million. Funding was provided by a combination of the City of Roswell’s bond referendum (approved by Roswell voters in November 2012), impact fees, and the City’s General Fund.