Roswell’s New Elementary School Close To Name

Roswell’s New Elementary School Close To Name

Last year the Fulton County School Board formed a Naming Committee for the new elementary school on Hwy. 9. Area Superintendent Margaret Pupilio chaired the committee, which has held 2 meetings. The result of those meetings have resulted in the following suggestions for the school:

  1. Vickery Mill Elementary

Vickery Mill (pictured) relates to the historic mill of the city of Roswell, which was founded on Vickery Creek. The mill was the power that brought life to the Roswell area.

  1. Azalea Mill Elementary

Honors the history of the mill and honors the new tradition of the Azalea Festival of Roswell.

  1. Painted Rock Elementary

The Native American name for the Chattahoochee River that possibly refers to the many colorful granite outcroppings along the northeast-to -southwest segment of the river.

The naming process will now go before the FCSB to discuss. We’ll update as soon as final decision is made.

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