Tacos With Moxie

By Frank Mack

There is almost no reason on earth for me to talk about La Novia Taqueria, except it’s the most fantastic little place. Located in the Paper Mill Village in East Cobb this taqueria is by the guy who gave us Moxie Burger. This is a local success story that just keeps getting better.

The food, delicious tapas style tacos, comes out of an exhibition kitchen at a blistering pace. Plates skate across counters and tables featuring hot tacos done in an Urban upscale vibe. La Novia Taqueria has a full bar, that’s right margaritas for mom n’ dad, and a dining area that is kid-friendly. Are you seeing this?

It is run by Chas D’Huyvetter (pictured) who headlines a group of locals investing in this concept with a stated goal to open a good local family-friendly restaurant. They broke the mold with Moxie Burger and how they serve. I kinda saw it then but I see it a lot clearer now.

This is more than a burger or taco thing. There is a genius to it. Their core of strong principles from burger to taco goes like this: They serve really good food. Provide a comfortable setting to families. Have food that’s actually affordable. All of those are easier said than done… ask anyone in business… anywhere.

Put together the way Chas does it it works crazy good and people love it. The business in every single Moxie Burger and now here at La Novia, by my casual observations, attests to it. It can look crazy. But it works because of the feel and community of it all.

La Novia Taqueria features a wide variety of tacos with the normal proteins plus duck, and even a brisket version. They have a wide variety of soups, and salads; and even entrees featuring snapper, duck, or steak, and a traditional Oaxacan Pizza. The service and staff are also well prepared. These are local kids heading to college. That’s the other side of why it works. They hire our kids at mid-teens and put them in a fun place with attainable goals. It’s not the usual reason to remark on a restaurant but still a darn good one.

Get over there if you like. Trust me, East Cobb is packing the place just like they did at Moxie Burger. Unless I miss my guess you can look for another La Novia, maybe in Roswell, within a year or two at the outside. La Novia Taqueria is located at 255 Village Pkwy. in East Cobb.