The Hoppy Vibe

By Ethan Craig

Go to your local supermarket and you will find more than the ordinary domestic beer we are used to seeing. More and more beers are flooding the market from our local breweries and from breweries out of the state. This is because of the increase in Georgia Breweries as well as the demand for more craft beer. In fact, not only are more breweries opening in Georgia, they are incentivized to release more specialty beers. As a response to consumer demand, breweries are releasing beers at an unprecedented pace, sometimes with a new beer coming out on nearly a week to week basis.

Variant Brewery puts a new beer on every Wednesday, along with any other special releases they decide to do. At Tap & Six, we have 40 taps behind the bar; I do keep a Pilsner, a Golden Ale and a Root Beer on all the time, however, everything else we carry rotates through. This means that when I run out of one beer, I have a completely different beer ready to go on right after it. As I am writing this, I am also contemplating three new beers I want to go on next. Because so many breweries are coming out with beer so frequently, we now have Facebook groups, websites, podcasts, and more content all discussing new beer coming out on a weekly basis.

Personally, I have my favorite beers that I always keep stocked in my fridge; One is “All I want for my Birthday is a Big Booty Baltic Porter” by Blue Tarp, all right, you got me, I got this one first because of the name… and now I just can’t get enough. If a brewery makes a great beer that I enjoy, of course I will still buy it, but I’m not going to stand in line or savor every last drop, because I can always get more. On the flip side, when I pay over $20 for a bottle, I want it to last, I want to share it and I am drinking to take in as much flavor as I possibly can. Yes, beer can be expensive, and I have bought multiple bottles for over $50. Because I want to taste as much as possible out of these expensive beers, they are going to be the first ones popped open, followed by one of my go-to beers to finish off the night. All these new beers mean that it is more difficult than ever maintain a good reputation in the beer community, they cannot simply brew one beer that everyone likes, they now have to compete against themselves and consistently create and replicate great beers or else risk their consumers getting bored. My job is to keep up to date with all of these new and special releases in order to make sure we have the best selection available to us. Stop in to see what’s new on tap.❍

Ethan Craig is Craft Beer Curator at Tap & Six Craft Beer House, a craft beer bar and market in historic Roswell at 23 Oak Street.

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