Posted on: Nov 30, 2020 Posted by: The Current Hub Comments: 0
by Tara Gary

You may have seen the terribly uncomfortable and cringe worthy videos of zoom calls gone wrong.  With many professionals working from home this year opportunities for wandering pets, curious children, and other unforeseen unfortunate situations have plagued the workforce.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a clean, clutter free, high speed internet, fully functional office to keep you and your business focused?  Do you have a business linked to your home address?  Packages being delivered at inconvenient times, no place to store your inventory, and the constant distractions of the average household to-do tasks constantly pulling you away from work keep many individuals frustrated. 

I had the opportunity to visit a different and unique coworking and warehouse space which recently opened here in Roswell.  Owner Alan Crowe invited me to tour Room2Work to see how different and unique his co-working, all-in-one office concept works.  Immediately it occurred to me Room2Work is in an office complex, not a strip mall.  First impressions are everything especially if you have invited a potential or current client to a meeting.  I noticed ample parking available and locked doors to the entry accessible to those who belong there only.  After I was greeted by Alan, who is genuinely enthusiastic about his business concept, I was led into an extremely clean, comfortable, and well thought out workspace.  Dedicated desks separated by distance and clear dividers accompanied by 27” monitors, power strips with USB ports, printer access and the availability of fresh coffee made for an inviting work environment.  Cleanliness and bright natural light are extremely important to me and I could envision myself sitting at one of these desks, distraction free, getting my work done efficiently. 

I could not help noticing the spacious conference rooms.  Studio A has seating for 8 with a large glass whiteboard and 65” 4K screen.  For those of us who prefer to stand while our creative juices flow, Studio C offers a standing table centered around a 50” 4K display.  Should you need a quiet studio to record a podcast with bigger sound, Studio D is available.  My favorite and most surprising portion of the tour was the warehouse.  A large warehouse is available with individual storage units for inventory of your business.  No more parking your car in the driveway because of inventory cluttering your garage and basement.  I love the concept of inviting a client to this professional workspace and being able to access any inventory they may request to see, or you may need to access at any time.         

Alan’s enthusiasm and dedication to creating a space for the entrepreneur sets his workspace apart from the typical co-working space.  He has not only created a professional workspace, he has incorporated a highly flexible virtual office space as well.  I travel much of the time and as you might imagine the security of having mail and packages safely delivered can be an issue.  With Room2Work mail, packages, and deliveries small or large are accepted and safely managed to accommodate your needs.  The virtual mailbox notifies you through a free app on your phone when you have mail or a package. You can request to scan, shred, forward, or hold it for pick up, all from the app.  Of course, you can use the services of the typical virtual mailbox carrier in a strip mall.  (Nothing screams homemade business than a strip mall address); but you now have access to a professional address, in a professional building, with safety and security a top priority.  You also have the convenience of having large warehouse deliveries available when needed. There is no longer the need to waste a portion of your day waiting for a delivery when Alan and his team are there to accept and safely secure even larger warehouse deliveries.  

I could go on describing the unique and thoughtfully designed space created for the entrepreneur and work from home professional, but I highly suggest touring the facility yourself.  Once you do, I know you will be convinced this is a space created just for you and your individual needs.

For more information visit   Virtual tours are available online or call (470)721-0606 to visit and meet the team.    Room2work, 1007 Mansell Rd. Suite A, Roswell, GA 30076