When Two Great Concepts Collide

By Frank Mack

Drinking and food go together. Both are social activities that need spaces and involve people with all our inherent peculiarities. Thus a buck to be made and the hospitality industry was born.
You can argue endlessly about which is more important to the business… the drinking or the food. But you’ll not find a person with a kitchen and liquor license that won’t tell you which one is more profitable. It’s the drinks… the soda, the booze, the beer, and the wine. Hands down no contest.

To that end, there is a new restaurant in downtown Alpharetta (30 Milton Ave.) the whole industry needs to take a look at called Truck & Tap. These guys have shredded the old business plan by outsourcing the kitchen and the associated costs to a growing band of talented roving restaurateurs we all know and love… the food trucks.

At Truck & Tap, they do have a small built-in kitchen mind you, but it only operates after the truck leaves, doing an okay easy bar food thing. That kitchen is perfect for late night munchies if the drinking is making you spin a bit. But the heart of the day and mealtimes is all about the truck on site. Which truck you ask? Ahhh, there’s the beauty. It’ll always change. This model gives you the option of just enjoying the beer, music and overall vibe or discovering something from a roving kitchen out back. It’s a street party feel.

Overall the place is sweet. I love the look and everything from owner all the way down the line. The beer list has a local first mentality but to be clear, offers something for a wide variety of tastes. They also feature a nice selection of wines and get this, even craft sodas for the kids.


Truck & Tap co-founder Zack Yurchuck brings passion to the table. He’s not just riding the cutting edge of a cultural shift in drinking, he’s evolving local economics into the heart of the hottest local restaurant scene in Georgia, which is now Alpharetta. A 26-year-old kid just landed some kind of restaurant industry moon shot.
All of this works so nicely together. Downtown Alpharetta has overtaken Canton Street as the “hot” place to be… especially in the food scene. So it only makes sense that this business model thrives here. This ambience is the perfect drinking environment and couple that with a revolving food truck provided by PREP, featuring lobster rolls, loaded burgers, BBQ, Binh Mi Sandwiches… you get it. Due to the continuing moving parts, a menu list is not possible here, so checkout their site at truckandtap.com. Connect with their social media and you can keep up with the current offerings.

I’m floored by the simplicity and perfection of it all. This is the second of three Truck & Tap locations. The very first has already been humming along in Woodstock for two years now. Still, I can I see it raising some hackles as well. Those folks don’t matter, because you have to break the eggs to make an omelet. If any industry has the crazy geniuses and talent required to re-invent itself decade by decade it’s this one, as always being led by the American restaurateur.

Restaurant notes
I have a couple of new guys to put on your radar. The first is Meating Street BBQ at 1294 Alpharetta St. in Roswell. I’m going to get into this more next month but I’ll just say we lost Bill Greenwood’s Swallow at the Hollow last month, but just down the street this place is looking like a new winner.

Another new place that just opened is Wild Slice Pizzeria at 580 Crossville Road in the Kroger center. This is everything you want… locally owned by Mike and Cristy Thomas. Mike is an industry vet who does a mean pie with a classic taste I would describe as upscale NY style with several house specialties. They also do baked sandwiches and paninis. Overall, this is a great place for families. These guys are a true family business and they are striving for that neighborhood feel. I write this because many places I normally touch on are more adult oriented but for those of you with kids who want to get a good meal in a family environment this is your place. They offer a lot of specials and weekly promos so visit them at