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By Britt Argo

Wonder Woman 1984 is the perfect escape! A Movie of hope to uplift us all this season. 

When we last saw Wonder Woman (2017), Diana had lived and trained with her Amazonian family on a secluded island, unaware of the troubles in the outside world. When World War 1 pilot, Steve, crashed onto her island, she learned of the outside war, and joined him to stop the God of War, Ares. During her journey, she fell for the human, Steve, and ultimately discovered her true powers, defeating Ares, but losing Steve. (He sacrificed himself, flying the plane of exploding gas weapons above the atmosphere). In Justice League (2017), we learn it’s the early 80’s, and Diana has remained in the mortal world, working at the Louvre museum in Paris.

 Now, in Wonder Woman 1984, it’s been almost 60 years since WW1, and Diana is working in Washington DC’s Smithsonian museum. It’s 1984, and all the wars are over. It’s a new era, and Americans are indulging in “excess, success, power, opulence”. There is over the top fashion, music, materialism. But with it comes Greed, and a new set of Villains to battle. 


What It’s About: 

Wonder Woman 1984 opens in a flashback to a young Diana on the island of Themyscira. She is competing in an Amazonian Olympic Games, fearless and courageous, un-knowing she is the “god killer/ ultimate weapon”.  Now in the 80’s, Diana is still questioning and coming to terms with her role in keeping the peace and keeping humanity safe from itself. These new “Villains” she faces, don’t fight with bombs/ bullets, but turning people’s Desire & Greed, and granting wish fulfillment into something dangerous. She battles Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) an infomercial oil mogul/ evil entrepreneur who promises the masses “Life is good, but it can be better. Everything you’ve always worked for, can be yours”. Using the power of an ancient rock, he can “grant wishes for a price”.  Diana’s gal pal co-worker, mousy Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) wishes she’s just like Diana and becomes super strong Cheetah. With her new powers, and twinge of jealousy, Barb/The Cheetah, turns on Wonder Woman and fights to become the ultimate player. Diana also miraculously gets her wish, when pilot Steve comes back into her life, very much alive and not aged. The funniest moments are his attempts to assimilate into a very different 80’s culture.   Now Wonder Woman must take on these two villains with the help of Steve and restore order to all once again. 


Why You Must Watch This: Of course, the super action scenes: The desert tank chase is edge of your seat thrills, the white house clash is super-charged, and the battle in the mall is a highlight. The “blast from the past” 80’s references add comedic levity too. The crazy hair, clothes, music, and Diana trying to teach Steve how to fit in is quite fun. I even found myself recognizing past 80’s stores at the mall. The actors all fit well and relish their roles. Gal Gadot (WW) and Chris Pine (Steve) have perfect chemistry, and the best time playing off each other. Pedro Pascal says he channeled Nicholas Cage’s “90’s super charged acting style” to play Maxwell Lord. This character is so different from his low key/ man of few words Mandalorian role (in Disney+ Mandalorian).  Pedro really embraces this extroverted role, and it’s nice to see him without a mask.  

 Kristen Wiig, more well known for SNL and light comedy (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters) finally gets to stretch and play against type. It’s a delight to see her turn from the door mat into the “all eyes on me” Cheetah.   And most importantly, you must watch WW1984 because this super-hero movie is just Super Entertaining! Can’t wait for WW # 3 in the future. 

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